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Must try harder… October 21, 2010

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Clearly I haven’t got the hang of this blogging lark!

I really did intend to post more and do so regularly, so I will need to have another go.

Meanwhile here are the news headlines since April 6th:

  • I was acting Principal for three months. No staff or students¬† died and the budget stayed in the black. What more could anyone ask?
  • We had a really good summer school to start off the academic year. Now we are working as three regional partners together.
  • None of the new students had a nervous breakdown after seeing what the training involved and also after battling with our university’s challenging registration system
  • I got elected back onto General Synod after a four year break.
  • I publised a book on Reader ministry with a friend.
  • I read some interesting books.
  • Er, that’s it for now