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How things have changed November 4, 2010

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I’ve just posted this in reply to a piece on Bishop Alan’s Blog:


Thanks for this – you certainly point up the rather unreflective nature of +Wallace’s comments.

I would add that we are more mission focussed than we were even 20 years ago. We are also more scripturaly centred in that e.g. I rarely hear a sermon that is not based on a Bible passage nowadays. This year I went to the deacon ordinations at Eds and Ips. Gavin Reid preached and said at the beginning that he was ordained 50 years ago (in Chelmsford) and that then all the candidates were male, white, in their 20’s, trained in colleges, going to stipendiary posts and were largely going to single parish benefices. The group ordained that morning (with whom he’d shared the retreat) were rather different to that! And he welcomed pretty much all those changes – especially the fact that women were now ordained. I guess +Wallace would not rejoice over that one, but surely he can see the glass is at least half full?  

I’ve been training clergy now for over a decade (for both the CofE and the Methodists, mainly) and Readers for 4 years. The quality of the candidates is very encouraging.

And thanks too for the use of Nick Earle’s book – I am just reading this now

Some excellent students (and staff) at breakfast on a residential weekend

(for the first time!) – old books have much wisdom.



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